GFCard is a GetWidget component that allows you to use multiple elements inside one component (GFCard) to build Flutter Card Widgets. GFCard is designed and developed in such way that allow you to use this component to build multiple design layouts for your flutter mobile and/or web app. It has a broad range of pre-built designs used for user’s profile, cart items, news, blogs, social media & many more.

Being a flutter developer it is very much time consuming to write each & every properties of an element & so GetWidget comes  here with a number of pre-designed UI components that helps us to create a complex design just in a piece of time.

GFCard Banner

Here are some categories of GFCard  :

These are the following Flutter Card widgets of of GetWidget card component.

Basic GFCard

Avatar GFCard

Full Image GFCard

Using GFCard in app is pretty easy & simple. Below is the getting started steps to use GFCard:

Getting Start

Getting started will guide you how to start building a beautiful flutter application with GetWidget UI library. You have to install the package from, import the package in your Flutter project  & start building the app:

Install Package from :

Import full package:

import 'package:getwidget/getwidget.dart';

Note: dependencies: getwidget: ^1.0.0

Call the name of component with its properties:

Keep playing with the pre-built UI components.
    boxFit: BoxFit.cover,
    imageOverlay: AssetImage('your asset image'),
    title: GFListTile(
       avatar: GFAvatar(),
       title: Text('Card Title'),
       subTitle: Text('subtitle'),
     content: Text("GFCards has three types of cards i.e, basic, with avataras and with overlay image")
     buttonBar: GFButtonBar(
     children: <Widget>[
       onPressed: () {},
       text: 'View',

The output will be like this:


Cards are the most commonly used component for mobile apps. GetWidget gives you a variety of ready to use cards, just a little modification you have to do if needed otherwise the cards are created for multiple purposes & are ready to use.

Let's connect together and build your idea into a real time app with GetWidget UI Library. Now you could start with our documentation from how to getting start and go with each component.


About Our team:

We have been working on Flutter since Flutter launched in beta version in 2017. And our team have been putting hundred and hundreds of hour to experiment and implementation of Flutter. AS well as After successful deliver enterprise and SAAS application that been using by more than 500+ business around the 119+ countries. Now we are in love with Flutter development and we are very passionate about Flutter development. Now it is something we trying to give a small contribution to the Flutter Dev Community.



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