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Flutter Button we have more than 10 variants that you can use in any flutter app development.

  • Solid Button.
  • Outline and their 2X variant button.
  • Transparent button.
  • Flat button.
  • You can use different size (small , normal, large).
  • We also have pills , Square , Icon and Social button.
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Badge you can with any other component and multiple color as your will. In our demo app we have added badge with button and icon.

  • You can use different color for badge.
  • Add badge with notification icon.
  • Add badge with button.
  • Badge can add with list or tile widget.
  • Shape (square , rounded and default ).
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Flutter Avatar widget can use with Tile component or Card component. You can use this avatar images on profile , list etc.

  • GF Avatar comes with multiple variants.
  • You can use default , circular or radius.
  • In our example code we have used in tile and card widget.
  • You can raise request if you want more options with it.
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Flutter Images widget has 4 types of images basic images, circular, round or overlay. In overlay we added three different types of overlay properties as of now.

  • Flutter images can used in card or list.
  • You can build any product list easily with existing widget.
  • You can choose the images type based on your design.
  • Light , medium and strong overlay you can add on images.
  • Different type of share you can add on images with our shape properties.
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GF libraries comes with ready to use 10+ card straightway in any of your flutter app project. If you require customization on our card that you can do as well.

  • Basic card can be used in product list.
  • Add avatar or icon in card
  • We have full images card as well.
  • Easy to customize card.
  • Suggest if you required more variant in card.
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GF Carousel can use to show slideshow for product or list or card anything. We have 2-3 different types of slider to use in your app.

  • Basic carousel.
  • Use images and text or call to action.
  • Use color or gradient with slide.
  • Slider will support product or list slide.
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Flutter Tile you can used to make any list , You can use our other widget easily with tile like Avatar , Typography , icon or button.

  • We have pre built 4 types of tile.
  • Tile with title and subtitle and link.
  • Use avatar in Tile with title and subtitle.
  • In tile you can add any icon or button too.
  • Request if you have any idea.
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GF Tab easy to configure with multiple options like text based Tab or just Icon tab and you can even combine both too. We add more combination in this in coming release.

  • Multiple color variant in tab.
  • Used icon or text and even both.
  • Tab can used in Footer as well.
  • You can use Tab for show multiple category.
  • We soon adding segment in our component.
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GF Toasts are designed for showing notifications like info, alert etc to display the message above to screen.

  • GF Toast can be used in any component
  • Common Toast has a message with square corners.
  • Toast with button is used to show message with close button
  • Auto Dismissible Toast will be disabled after a certain period of time.
  • We are soon adding more widget or you can suggest few.
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Change of state can be set by toggles. GF Toggle have a set of toggles that allows user to set a value to true or false by enabling & disabling the switch by slide.

  • GF Toggles have multiple colors
  • IOS Toggles used with rounded corners
  • Square Toggles are designed without border radius
  • Toggles with some border radius can be used for android
  • Custom Toggles are used with some text on it like ON-OFF
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You can’t design your app without proper text format and design. Currently we have Header in our typography properly but soon we adding general text styling.

  • You can use GF typography in any component. .
  • All color variant can import in typography.
  • Currently we have H1 , H2 , H3 , H4 , H5 variant.
  • You can use all above with lighter color text as well.
  • We are soon adding more text widget or you can suggest few.
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Drawer can be referred as side menu & is used to show all the menu items & user details. It slides from left to right but can be customized .

  • Background color can be set according to requirement
  • Menu list items for page routing
  • User Image, Name, Email displayed
  • Multi user accounts visible at top right of drawer
  • Logout bar at bottom is fixed to getting logged out from app.
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GF Accordion is a component used to expand/collapse a child element. It is very usefull when there is too much data displayed on a page and can be opened/closed on click.

  • We can hide a collection of info from page.
  • The hidden info will be shown only on tapp.
  • GF accordion has different styles
  • Accordion with icons used with open/close icons.
  • Accordion with text used to open/close according to need.
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GF Alert is a dialog box appears at the top of the page. It can be a message or some information. It is used to show or get some info from user & can only be closed after user's action.

  • GF Alert have Basic, Round & Full width Alert.
  • Basic alerts has some info with square corners.
  • Rounded alerts has some info with rounded corners.
  • Full width alerts can be used to show the info in full width.
  • It can only be closed when user acts on the alert message.
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App Bar

GF Appbar has a rich combination of elements. It is the top section of a page that shows the title of the page & can also be used to contain other components like, Searchbar, Icons, User images & many more

  • GF Appbar can be customized by simply giving needed attributes
  • Search component is also included with search features.
  • Collapse Drawer icon is fixed to open/close menu items.
  • Titles & icons can to shown.
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Search Bar

GF Searchbar is an advanced form of inputs that allows us to get the result from a collection. A clear button appears at right just after we search anything and the results can be cleared after tapping the clear button.

  • GF Searchbar can be used inside Appbar or in any page.
  • It shows the result in list view just below the Searchbar.
  • It can be customized very easily to change border colors, radius or many others.
  • Small clear button to clear all the filters.
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GF Rating gets user's input in the form of number of stars that a user gives in between 0 to 5. It rates the value of the service, product etc.

  • GF Rating can be customized by simply giving needed attributes
  • GF Rating has 3 star icons : Empty star, Half Star, Full Star.
  • Sizes & colors can be customized
  • GF Rating works as a 2 way channel where value can be set by tapping stars or stars can be set by typing a value in input field.
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Loader is also referred as spinner & is used to display a functioning icon rotating or moving in clockwise direction to allow use to wait for a while until response comes. It indicates the progress of a request. GF Loaders has a combination of different shaped loaders.

  • Used as a progress indicator
  • Colors, Sizes can be customized.
  • Gif's, Png's can be used basically as icons.
  • There are five different types of loaders namely android , ios, circle, square and custom loaders.
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