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Being a reputed and trustable flutter mobile application development company we are dedicated to helping our clients to achieve their goal by providing unbeatable native iOS and Android apps experience using flutter. We build next-gen flutter app solutions that are platform-independent, and also budget-friendly. So feel free to contact us to hire expert flutter app developers, to transform your idea into reality with Cross-platform Flutter App Development.

Why Choose Flutter as your Front-end Development stack

Flutter is a cross-platform framework by Google that offers an overload of features and capabilities. Flutter comes with endless possibilities that can help you to save your cost, time, and effort. Also, it can be used to build platform-independent digital experiences, as it can develop Robust & Natively Compiled Experiences for desktop, mobile, and web platforms too.

In the world ofmobile application development Flutter is Google’s smart and innovative move that has been gaining popularity in a short period and gained lots popularity in the developer community. In flutter development, there are plenty of positive signs which are founded by developers, that helps it to stand out in the world of technology.

Fast development

  • Stateful Flutter’s hot reload feature, Developers can immediately see a visible effect after each code change and refresh the changes they’ve made in the application .
  • Flutter Developers can make changes in the code very quickly without losing the current application state.
  • Flutter app has Prebuild UI widget that can use directly in-app so it reduces UI Design time.

Great performance

  • Flutter SDK has ready-made widgets that look native for both, iOS and Android applications.
  • In Flutter, Dart compiles into the native code without any need to access OEM widgets (as Flutter has its own) .
  • Flutter’s engine communicates directly with device native modules and no bridge like other frameworks so performance at high.
  • Flutter has a UI kit of widgets that enables developers to customize their apps and build attractive UIs. We have built our UI widget called Getwidget on top of flutter UI to reduce developer time.
  • Flutter does not require a bridge from the framework like react or ionic use so their performance is far better compared to other available frameworks in the market.

Create your Widget on your own!

There are widgets provided by Flutter that help you to develop apps that follow Material Design. Flutter permits the developers to work on the existing widgets and to create more custom widgets with the assistance of their business insights & technical expertise.

Single Coding Structure

Flutter has a Single Code Structure, so app developers can easily work effectively without having to create multiple codes for android and IOS operating systems. Flutter developers can work with the single code on iOS as well as android or Flutter Web, and this helps a lot to save their time & cost to produce the project deliverables. For developer app developer also easy to learn a single tech skill.

Dart-based framework

Flutter is a Dart-based framework, where Dart is a well-known programming language that achieves an ‘ahead-of-time’ native performance while using different operating systems and platforms. to keep the audience engaged for long, it ensures speedy loading, by creating smooth animations and transitions. This Dart-based framework implements material design for android & Cupertino for iOS apps.

Speedy and Efficient Testing

The advantage of using a similar code structure is that it also assists in speeding up the testing of the app for both Android and iOS operating systems. As it follows the compelling & efficient testing process, it helps the efficiency of the Quality Assurance process a few notches higher.

Speedy and Developer-friendly Programming

With Flutter, developers can achieve agile coding of dynamic and complex application platforms in a highly efficient fashion. The reason is simple, flutter has wide-ranging features. By using the functionality of Hot reload, for instance, they can alter the code & in the end, evaluate it to accomplish the job effortlessly and speed.

Easy Adaptability for Developers and Quicker Experience for Users

While the innovation is somewhat recently launched, it boasts of various elements that permit the flutter app developers to serve your business and its end clients with an engaging and smooth experience. Also, since it is incredibly easy to be learned and utilized by novice developers, it is significantly appealing for engineers from across the globe.

Our developers have expertise in various aspects of Flutter app development

Being a reliable flutter app development company , we do understand the power of having an app or website that is an extension of your business. And to create the iOS, Android, or web flutter apps our developers never compromise with the services.

To fulfill the requirement of our clients our developers do understand the need of the customer and then start the process of developing the right app with the best plan that meets the requirement of our clients.

To provide the native replica app that can easily run on every platform our developers make sure they do use the high quality and highly-customized material design and of course components too.

Flutter app development services

Initiating the project in the right way is a fundamental step. Our Flutter advisors can assist you to assess your present setup and plan customized Flutter applications to assist with using Flutter for a game-changing business strategy. We are one of the top service providers in the flutter app development company

Flutter for the Desktop app (Linux/MAC/Window)

Flutter developers can create desktop apps that can run on multiple OSs from a single codebase.

Flutter for Web app development

Gather the advantages of running apps on macOS, Linux, Windows, and ChromeOS with distinctly responsive experiences across mobile devices.

Flutter for Embedded Devices

We can use Flutter to build embedded devices with the possibility to connect any cloud API for top-notch performance.

  • Flutter app design service provider

    Flutter application development is tied in with conveying applications that are quicker to design and of course robust too. Being a leader in the flutter app development industry we can assist you with planning Flutter applications with stunning UI and seamless UX.

  • Advanced and native mobile app development

    Flutter offers adaptability for native apps-like an execution. Our team of Flutter app designers has the mastery to rapidly integrate native highlights of local devices to get the look and feel of a native application.

  • Flutter app upgrades to 2.X

    We can assist you with seamlessly migrating to the most recent version of Flutter for upgraded business congruence, security upgrades, and better performance enhancements. Our team of flutter app developers migrated more than 500 projects.

  • Cross-platform app development

    Our Flutter designers have a comprehensive application developing experience to foster secure, top-notch, and versatile web and mobile applications on Android and iOS to guarantee high performance and satisfying client experience.

  • Support and app maintenance Services

    We give an assortment of engagement models for help and support administrations. These are intended to guarantee application uptime while expanding the nature of your applications just as lessening the number of blunders.

  • Cross-platform app development

    Our Flutter designers have a comprehensive application developing experience to foster secure, top-notch, and versatile web and mobile applications on Android and iOS to guarantee high performance and satisfying client experience.

Why Choose Us As Your Next Flutter App Developer Partner?

Boost your digital presence with cross-platform flutter development services with industry best practices.

We at getwidget helps enterprises to build a top-quality cross-platform app, to enhance automation and process management. At Getwidget.dev we follow the highly seamless and agile development and project management tasks.

That enables us to develop and deliver significant as well as fruitful business value for our client businesses. We have more than 10 Years of information technology experiences and 50+ software development teams that provide app solutions across the country.

Utilize Flutter’s wide range of libraries with third party integrations and widgets to facilitate the fast and easy creation of deeply engaging applications supporting an intuitive User Interface development.

To shape the project deliverables, we follow our process-oriented approach. To upgrade the solutions we are driven to continuously, and these solutions meet the dynamic requirements of your complex projects with the required dexterity and quality.

So why wait? To create enterprise-grade mobile apps, hire our skilled Flutter app developers. Your enterprise is going to get multiple benefits by hiring our extremely skilled, trustworthy, and unparalleled Flutter app developers with project management services.

  • Real Experience

    Though Flutter is somewhat new, we anticipated the benefits it had over other cross-platform technologies and immediately took on it the week it came out of alpha. Within a couple of weeks, we began work on live projects including an enterprise project like Airteltigo within a few weeks of its launch! We have created a dedicated flutter team model to manage all the flutter mobile app development.

  • Inventive and Bespoke Development Process

    Our cycle and approach are exceptionally creative and assimilate the most advanced features to assist you to leave behind your competitors by achieving more and more engagements. We make your application accurately reflect your brand in an advanced commercial marketplace, With the inclusion of customized features.

  • Cross-industry Experience

    We are a leading flutter development company with extensive and well-rounded experience across advancements. Our group has top-to-bottom exposure to Flutter innovation. This aids our group to deal with the technical parts of your application without passing up its business perspectives.

  • Test-Driven Development

    Test-Driven Development has forever been instrumental in guaranteeing the quality of the deliverables, particularly enormous projects which may some way or another need a great deal of regression testing. We've empowered something similar with the assistance of unit and widget-based testing.

  • Group of Flutter Specialists

    Our group represents considerable authority in Flutter app development solutions and leverages this skill to make unique, interesting, and progressed highlights for your business application on both platforms iOS and flutter android development.

  • Flutter Animations

    Applications without animations resemble chocolate cakes without cherries. We make astonishing animations by utilizing their internal libraries and external tools, for example, Lottie to give your applications a wow feel.

  • Get around the clock support services

    Our job doesn't end when your application is created and deployed. Feel free to hire the flutter app developer from our team of experienced developers. As we provide the ongoing maintenance and support administrations to stay up with the latest consistently. With our blunder-free Flutter development, it is totally easy to keep up with your application, our responsive help additionally makes sure of your peace of mind with its smooth functioning.

  • Native Development Background

    Flutter is extraordinary, yet there are times wherein cross-platform application engineers need to work locally with Android and iOS platforms. Our Flutter developers have hands-on experience with either Android or iOS before they get Flutter. This empowers them to work freely on whole projects and settle on better decisions on which functionalities ought to be made in Flutter v/s Native platforms.

  • Automation Tools

    We use tools that automate repetitive tasks and hence increase efficiency for our developers like CD/CI tools like Error Handling with Sentry, Performance Observing with Firebase, and that's just the beginning. Utilizing such tools assists us with giving an exceptionally great form for our customers who esteem us for the equivalent.

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How to hire Best Flutter developers?

  • Depending on your business and project requirements, you can hire an in-house team or a dedicated developer.
  • Build enterprise mobile applications with Flutter developers Hire dedicated Flutter developers to craft secure, robust applications with next-gen performance, features, and functionalities for your business.

In-house team

  • If you want to launch a large project that demands long-term development and constant updates and full-time post-development support, you might think about building your in-house development team.
  • The advantages of this model are: - The development team is going to work dedicated to your project, spending all the time and effort on your project only.

Hire Flutter Developer on Hourly or Monthly Basis

  • Advantages of hiring a dedicated Developer: - Outsourcing the project is much less expensive than hiring an in-house team.
  • Access 50+ dedicated Flutter app developers who have a strong understanding of Flutter’s Core architecture to build advanced Flutter enterprise-grade apps.
  • First of all, you don’t need to follow a long process recruitment process and office rent and of course, payment involve in this lot more.
  • In a few countries, developers charge less than in others.
  • The dedicated team handles end-to-end development including project management services.
  • You can hire our flutter developer on a Monthly or Hourly Basis based on project requirements. 
  • Save up to 30% on Development, Maintenance, Support Cost.



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