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With GetWidget, you can contribute to the writing associated with the latest trends, and technologies such as Flutter, Mobile App Development, Native Android, React Native, Node js, Angular Js, along with Software development. Being among the pioneering platforms for offering mobile application technology updates and information, we strive to offer accurate and detailed information.

We would like to congratulate you on choosing the right website for posting your unique and detailed informative blogs. Being one of the finest guest blogging sites we never compromise with high-quality content and domain authority. At GetWidget, we provide an opportunity to “write for us,” for the individual who is crazy about writing and has great writing skills.

We welcome new writers who want to guest post, Sponsor posts, or contribute articles regularly. Here are the important details that you may find useful to collaborate with us for Guest Posting. Explore the requirements of guest posting, and the procedure to submit a guest post to us.

What do we accept?

High-quality content

We never compromise with the quality of content and our services, so we will welcome only good-quality content that would help to cultivate and educate about the particular topics.

Get a wide list of topics

We are here to accept your high-quality content in a wide list of topics, that can help developers to collect more details about a particular technology and help them to increase their effectiveness, capability, and ability to innovate. Here is the list of technologies we do accept:

  • Flutter write for us
  • Mobile App Development write for us
  • Native Android write for us
  • React Native write for us
  • Node js write for us
  • Angular Js write for us
  • Software development write for us

Share your personal story

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a developer, everyone has their own story. Feel free to share your tech knowledge, challenges you faced in your career, etc.

We love posts that are actually useful

We never prefer high-level executive summaries but we love to post articles that provide a detailed exploration of a particular topic.

Check Grammar Wisely

To manage the level of content quality we never forget to mention about grammar. So try to work on the grammar so that you provide good quality content only, that works great.


To maintain the quality of content we accept only plagiarism and copyright-free content. So, we will recommend you to use the good-quality plagiarism tool so that your content becomes unique and useful.

Word Length

Though we have not restricted any word limit, 1000+ words of content would be recommended so that you can share complete details about a particular topic. And the best thing is that if your content is readable and attractive then the maximum number of visitors will check out your blog.

Benefits of Connecting with GetWidget

  • All praise & recognition of the blogs or articles will go to the author of the Guest Post.
  • By writing clearly & uniquely, you will get exposed to readers as well as followers to become well-known over the web.
  • Your article or blog will be featured & published with your complete introduction along with a photo and a link back to your website/ or blog page.

What We Don’t Accept?

  • We never accept blogs that are irrelevant to our site. So, the Guest Post article must be about one of the topics which we have mentioned above.
  • We don’t accept plagiarism or copyrighted content, so we will recommend checking the plagiarism before sending the blogs to us.
  • Don’t send the posts which have been published elsewhere including your own blog also.

Content Submission Rules

  • Please do a thorough search of our site before submitting your articles to avoid duplicate topics.
  • As the reputation of the blog should remain high, so try to maintain the quality of the posts.
  • Avoid anything that’s excessively critical of industries or individuals.
  • Your posts must be plagiarism and copyright infringement free.
  • Your write-up must be at least 1000+ words in length and shouldn’t have inappropriate outbound links.
  • Make Sure the title of your blog post must be Attractive and less than 60 characters.
  • Avoid anything that’s too promotional and inaccurate.
  • Articles should be grammatically correct.
  • Our team has full Rights to edit your post if required.
  • No more than 1 Link is permitted to be added to the author bio of the content.
  • Relevant high-quality images (1366×820) and videos can be used in the content wherever necessary with accredited sources.
  • Links within the body of the post should be related to your content both internal and external.
  • You are permitted to share the blogs on multiple social media platforms or elsewhere with a link back to this site.

Technology we accept

We welcome writers who are passionate about writing about trending technology and the digital era, however, we allow all the technology-related articles, below are a few topics you can write on.

  • Flutter write for us
  • Mobile App Development write for us
  • Native Android write for us
  • React Native write for uss
  • Node js write for us
  • Angular Js write for us
  • Software development write for us

Our Requirements

There are certain requirements you need to meet before contributing to our page and they are listed below:

  • You must be an expert and able to come up with the latest fresh technology posts.
  • You are expected to be a professional blogger and not an SEO company agent.
  • Before submitting your content to us, check all the details properly.

How to submit your article?

First of all, we would love to congratulate you on choosing the best site for posting your article, where millions of spectators each year. To submit your post on our site you need to contact our support team, who will let you know the complete process of submitting your guest post. Also, you can connect with us by sending an email on [email protected] with “Guest Blog: [Post Title]” in the email subject line, and be certain to include the important details.

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