About GetWidget Flutter Library

GetWidget is a flutter UI framework that reduces your overall app development time to a minimum of 40% because of its pre-build clean UI widget component that you can use in flutter app development. We have spent more than 3000+ hours building this UI Kit library to make flutter developer's life easy. All our widget code is compatible with web apps or even you can use it in building desktop flutter app development.

Getwidget flutter library you can use to build an app or create product templates, It completes Free and open source solutions for the flutter developer community.  


What are widgets in Flutter?

Each element on a screen of the Flutter app is a widget. The view of the screen completely depends upon the choice and sequence of the widgets used to build the app. And the structure of the code of an app is a tree of widgets.

Flutter UI Components Library

Speed up your app development and use 100+ beautifully designed Flutter components in your Flutter project. We offer free resources and will continue to release new components with better features, more ease of use, and improved quality. This library is open-sourced on GitHub. Join our community and contribute your ideas to it!

Best Free Flutter UI Kits and Templates

Get your app ready for the store in no time with these user interface kits and templates! User interface kits are a great way to get started building your own digital product or app. They come with pre-built screens, wireframes, mockups, and resources that allow you to create digital products without writing any code.

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We offer the best in the business. Get started with Flutter’s range of packages and libraries which can help reduce your dependency on third party tools and frameworks that may be difficult to migrate to Flutter. All packages are licensed under Apache 2.0, ensuring an open source foundation with 100% transparency into what you’re getting when you purchase any package or library.

Open Source Flutter Apps

We Offer Free Flutter apps. We have 35+ flutter apps. We also provide a detailed tutorial on how to build your first Flutter app, step by step. There are many reasons people choose to use the open source framework called Flutter for building mobile apps. One of the major ones is that it's cross-platform and available for developers all around the world. There is also much more that you can learn about this technology, which makes it an excellent choice for developers of all levels and experience levels.

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