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Getwidget Your Custom App Development Partner

GetWidget is a leading Flutter app development company specializing in multiplatform solutions with Flutter, backed by Google. With a team of 80+ Flutter experts, we deliver apps for mobile, web, desktop, IOT, and embedded devices from a single codebase. Our focus on customized solutions caters to diverse industries such as Fintech, Healthcare, Entertainment, Fashion, Hospitality, Telecom, and IOT.

Our tech stack includes scalable backend solutions(Python, Java, Node.js, Golang, GraphQL), Database (MongoDB, Postgres) JavaScript (React, Angular, Vue, Astro) and frontend technologies like React, Angular, Vue, and Astro. We excel in mobile frameworks and languages such as Flutter, React Native, Kotlin, and Swift.

We are committed to being your long-term partner, simplifying the entire app development process for you.






Satisfied Clients

About GetWidget Flutter Library

GetWidget is a comprehensive Flutter UI framework that offers pre-built UI widget components, reducing app development time by at least 40%. With a library of over 3000+ hours of development, it provides clean UI components compatible with web and desktop Flutter app development. This open-source solution is designed to simplify the lives of Flutter developers, offering free and versatile options for app and product template creation.

Best Free Flutter UI Kits and Templates

Begin your Flutter journey with our top-tier packages and libraries, reducing reliance on third-party tools. All packages are Apache 2.0 licensed, guaranteeing transparent, open-source foundations for seamless integration into your projects.

Flutter Packages & Libraries

Efficiently prepare your app for the store using our user interface kits and templates. These kits provide pre-built screens, wireframes, mockups, and resources, enabling the creation of digital products without the need for extensive coding.

Open Source Flutter Apps

Access our collection of 35+ free Flutter apps and comprehensive tutorials for creating your first app. Flutter's cross-platform nature and global accessibility make it a prime choice for developers worldwide, offering extensive learning opportunities for developers at all levels of expertise.

Hire Flutter Developers As Per Your Needs

Simple and Transparent Pricing | Fully Signed DNA | Code Security | Easy Exit Policy

Flutter Developers on an
Hourly Basis

Starting From

$25 /Hourly(USD)

Senior Flutter Developer will work on your project hourly basis.

Part Time
Flutter Developer

Starting From

$1800 /Monthly(USD)

Senior Flutter Developer will work Full Time on your project for 80 Hours a Month.


Dedicated Flutter Developers

Starting From

$3200 /Monthly(USD)

Set up a team of 3 Senior Flutter Developer with Project Manager for Complex Project.

Flutter UI Components Library

Speed up your app development and use 100+ beautifully designed Flutter components in your Flutter project. We offer free resources and will continue to release new components with better features, more ease of use, and improved quality. This library is open-sourced on GitHub. Join our community and contribute your ideas to it!

Technology Stack that Our Flutter Developer Have Expertise in

We do understand the power of having an app or website that is an extension of your business. For that, we have a number of Flutter developers for hire. And to create the iOS, Android, or web flutter apps our developers never compromise with the services. Getwidget is able to fully utilize all of the following:

Our Client Success Stories

Getwidget's portfolio showcases custom mobile app development success stories driving remarkable results for clients. The expertise has helped businesses overcome challenges, achieve goals, and thrive in respective industries. Unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction inspires development of better products and solutions. Our primary goal is to earn the trust and loyalty of esteemed clients.

Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developer With Getwidget

At Getwidget, say goodbye to endless searches for skilled resources. Access the top 1% of proficient designers, coders, and developers, all in one place, catering to various budgets. Leverage our vast network of talented experts to elevate your projects to new heights of success.

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