Getwidget is a leading mobile app development company with a strong focus on creating innovative solutions for the modern digital world. Our latest endeavor involves the development of an online grocery ordering and delivery app, aimed at providing a seamless and convenient shopping experience to our users.



The primary requirement for this project was to create a user-friendly mobile application that allows customers to browse a wide range of grocery products, add them to their carts, and choose convenient delivery options. The app needed to support secure payment processing and provide real-time order tracking for customers.


One of the major challenges we faced was integrating the app with multiple local grocery stores and ensuring a smooth and efficient order management system. Additionally, optimizing the app for various devices and operating systems posed a significant challenge.


To address the challenges, we implemented a robust backend system that could handle the influx of orders and streamline the delivery process. We also developed a responsive and intuitive user interface to ensure a seamless shopping experience for customers across different devices.

Key Features

Extensive Product Catalog

Users can browse a wide range of grocery items with detailed descriptions.

Customized Orders

Customers can customize their orders based on preferences and dietary requirements.

Real-time Order Tracking

Track the status of the order from the store to the doorstep.

Secure Payment

Multiple payment options and secure transaction processing.

Technology Stack

Our app is built using the latest technologies to ensure a seamless and robust experience. The key components of our technology stack include:

Xcode 10.1
Android Studio 3.1
Amazon EC2 & RDS
Strip Payment
Laravel 5.6

Clients Words

"Our experience with Getwidget has been exceptional. The online grocery app they developed for us has significantly improved our customer engagement and streamlined our delivery operations. The team's dedication and expertise have made them our go-to partner for all our mobile app development needs."

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