Welcome to GetWidget

Welcome, It's great to have you here. I am thank-full to each flutter community member who supports GetFlutter journey from start and we hoping to continue to keep getting your support in every possible way to make GetFlutter library one of the best and make our dev community life easier.

Welcome to GetWidget

The Start for GetWidget, open-source

GetWidget is an open-source library built on Flutter SDK. We have developed to help developers build their Flutter app faster than they could ever have imagined. The library contains more than 1000+ UI components, all ready to include and use immediately in your project.

We have a well-defined product roadmap that we are asking our community to add to and influence, so you can review and share your feedback on GetWidget as well as contribute as developers if you so choose.

GetWidget was developed internally by our team over the past year and we found it saved us so much time on new projects we thought others could benefit as well. This led us to develop some core reusable libraries for our development community to hugely decrease UI development and reduce the initial learning curve.

We have initially looked at the most-used components, but are committed to adding many more widgets over time. We want to actively work with the wider Dev community to make sure we are focused on user needs.

We were in flutter development for a long and love it so we start thinking to develop some libraries for our Dev community to make UI development faster and better with the lesser learning curve.

You can upvote on our development plans via our published roadmap, request a new feature, and also raise any bugs direct with us as well via our Raise Bug OR Feedback services. Please follow our docs, and collaborate with us to help us improve GetWidget as well.

You can follow our docs and help us to improve it as well.

We have launched our official GetWidget Libraries on Github and Pub for the Dev community to start playing around with, so please share feedback or raise any questions comments, or issues on our FLUTTER GITHUB.

We love to be social! So, of course, we also have accounts across all major social platforms that developers use. Why not join and keep updated?





Keep in touch with us via our GetWidget community.

We look forward to welcoming you very soon. Finally – we’re also launching our official Logo today, let us know what you think and pass the word around.

Note: GetWidget is not directly and/or indirectly associated/affiliated with Flutter or Google LLC. We are the team of Flutter Developers and we built this open-source library for the Flutter development community to made app development easier.


The GetWidget Team