Hire Flutter Developers | Top 5 Flutter Development Companies in 2023 Reviews

Hire Flutter Developers | Top 5 Flutter Development Companies in 2023 Reviews

Building mobile applications that work on multiple devices as well as OS is no longer a challenge for the mobile app development company. Nowadays, organizations can design cross-platform applications in a hassle-free way. Thanks to advanced User Interface frameworks such as Flutter that are evolving consistently and presenting countless opportunities in the cross-platform application development landscape.

To take full advantage of this advanced UI framework, you need to hire flutter expert who has the potential to satisfy your unique business requirements. In this blog, we are going to give you detailed insights into onboarding the right Flutter development professionals for your short-term or long-term project. You’ll also get an in-depth overview of the hiring process and the skills you require to consider while employing or hire flutter expert. Before knowing how to hire flutter developer 2023, please take a look at the table of content.

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Table of Content

  • What is Flutter Developer? Why is the Flutter framework so famous?
  • What are the pros of Flutter development?
  • Flutter vs other frameworks
  • Why is Flutter development so famous?
  • Role of Flutter developers.
  • Flutter developer qualifications
  • Flutter developer qualifications
  • Hard and Soft Skills required for Flutter app Developers
  • Number of engagement models to hire the best Flutter app development, team
  • How to hire flutter application developers?
  • What steps you should take to hire Flutter experts in 2023?
  • Top 5 Flutter App Development Companies

What do you mean by a Flutter developer? Why Flutter framework is so famous?

Flutter is a framework for cross-platform app development. A flutter app developer is an engineer who has a good command of the Flutter framework, and they can develop flutter apps that can save money by using this platform. Tech teams don’t need to write separate code for each Operating System.

Experts of Flutter app development companies prefer to use the Flutter framework, the reason behind this is with Flutter developers need to write the code once for all platforms. With the help of flutter features a developer can quickly release cross-platform apps shortly. This feature is cost-effective as well as efficient.

What are the pros of Flutter development?

Nowadays, controlling expenses is almost a business dream for the cross-platform framework. Because if you separate 2 platforms native iOS & Android applications, it will be more expensive to develop as well as maintain. With just one single code base, Flutter lets you create eye-catching and feature-rich applications for both OS.

But, when we compare it with other competitors, the Flutter framework is a bit different in some key features. Now, let us have a closer look at the advantages of getting Flutter software development services from a software development company.

Faster code writing

  • Hot reload.

Usually, android and iOS developers have to write code, and after that, they have to compile it, and prior to seeing any alteration loaded on the device. But, with Flutter’s hot reload, developers can check the effects immediately or without delay.

In other words, your hired development team, together with the QA team and designers, can cooperate more effectively, make quick changes, & see the outcome as well. The same thing is done by flutter agency 2023 which is much faster than others.

  • Ready-to-use widgets.

Besides, a customizable kit of widgets makes it easy to develop apps of any complexity. No matter the screen size, it is reliable, and widgets are fast, & extensible. Additionally, you can use ready-made widgets with a large set of Material & Cupertino. It’s also possible to work flexibly with animation as well as gesture processing. Thus, the entire process is faster as well as simpler.

Large community support

As well all know Flutter is launched by the tech giant — Google. So, Google consistently supports Flutter application developers with frequent updates as well as issue fixes.

Furthermore, when you use Flutter, you can notice a significant enhancement in performance compared to similar technologies. The community of Flutter app development has been growing from strength to strength.

On GitHub Flutter has 81,200. Due to the friendly app developer community, experts and beginners are ready to share their experience and knowledge. Moreover, Google organizes several events, helping startups as well as established businesses to catch up, discuss, or learn how the Flutter app helps to grow businesses.

Similar to native app development

The Flutter s/w renders use an internal graphics engine, which is well-known as Skia. These s/w permit fast and more well-optimized development than most other frameworks.

A Flutter app will be ultimately indistinguishable from the native application. As Flutter does not rely on any intermediate code representations or interpretations. In addition, a Flutter app developer of the Flutter development team can work seamlessly on iOS & Android. With highly advanced & custom UI designs, it is an excellent choice for mobile apps.

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Own rendering engine

Obviously, the Flutter framework requires a pretty wonderful User Interface. The problem with many cross-platform solutions is that they look the same on iPhone & Android.

But what about the organizations that need to use Material Design for Android & Human Interface for iOS?

For such industries, the Flutter framework is the most suitable solution. It’s equipped with packages that contain a set of custom widgets for both OSs.

Simple platform

Hire flutter developer 2023, who can work with the Flutter framework, as Flutter provides advanced Operating System features such as GPS coordinates, credentials, permission handling, sensor data collection, Bluetooth, and other features in ready-to-use plugins that are supported by Google.

If your application is reliant on an OS-level feature not available as a plugin, Flutter can establish communication b/w its Dart programming language and the native code using platform channels.

This way, with just a little extra effort on the native side, you can implement anything that a native app can do on a Flutter mobile app.

Beyond mobile apps

In 2018, the Flutter technology appeared as Flutter 1.0. But that is not all, at the 2019 I/O conference, Google announced a technical preview of Flutter web. Without any change to the source code, it is possible to run Flutter apps on browsers.

From one single codebase, Flutter developers can create a solution that will work not just on mobile, and the web, but also on Mac.

Good documents and resources

  • Dart is simple to get started with.
  • There is a robust plugin manager (pub.dev), which shows how to make use of animations, styles, and possible manipulations.

Flutter Advantages: For Customers & Businesses

You have already understood the benefit of Flutter for developers of mobile app development companies. But from a business perspective, is it a good solution? The answer is True!

Quicker time to market

As an entrepreneur, you may think that one of the biggest Flutter benefits is hiring one team for iOS as well as Android platforms. However, another significant benefit of Flutter is fast time-to-market.


Cost optimization is a significant goal for every organization. When building native applications, business owners have to pay twice: one for the iOS version, and one for the Android version. They must share the budget with 2 separate teams.

But when you hire a flutter developer, you control your budget too. As with the feature of Flutter, you just require to hire a Flutter app developer from a development team to build and manage your mobile applications. Hence, it significantly minimizes the expenses on human resources and shortens the time required to complete the development tasks.

Flutter vs other frameworks

Flutter framework is very much flexible, simple, as well as productive. But there are plenty of other native & cross-platform application frameworks that work completely differently. Here, we are going to share the comparisons of Flutter with other frameworks, have a glance:

Flutter vs React Native

The process of development with Flutter development is quite faster than react native, as the codder write just one code. On the other hand, with the React-Native framework, for every single format, mobile app developers have to write separate codes from scratch.

Every single business requires an MVP to comprehend its target audience. Flutter’s User Interface and features such as hot reload assist organizations to create Minimum Viable Prototypes efficiently.

As compared to React Native apps, Applications that are built with the Flutter framework run at a higher speed. Moreover, React Native applications require bridge & native elements for every single platform. Though, Flutter doesn’t need one.

Flutter vs Xamarin

The Flutter has no licensing cost, but Xamarin has.

As the community of Flutter framework users is vast globally, so finding and hiring a Flutter app developer is quite easier as compare to finding a Xamarin developer.

With Xamarin, testing the product takes a longer time. However, the process of testing completely depends on 3rd-party tools and of course a big team of app development, resulting in higher costs. And Flutter framework provides a great testing experience that too with lesser workmanship & cost.

Flutter vs Angular

In terms of performance parameters, the Flutter framework ranks quite better than the Angular framework. The reason behind this is Flutter framework uses the programming language named Dart.

Additionally, for developing applications, Angular uses just HTML, whereas the Flutter framework utilizes all the modern tools like CSS, Bootstrap, HTML5, & JavaScript.

Why is Flutter app development so famous?

The popularity of the Flutter framework is not hidden. The Flutter framework is making the process of app development easy to use and access. Here are some reasons that make developers and entrepreneurs love the Flutter framework:

  • Cross-platform capability

With Flutter, you can write less code as the software has cross-platform capability.

  • Lots of plugins that are easy-to-use

Flutter offers a wide range of widgets & tools on top of the basic UI capabilities, which means flutter developers can create eye-catchy interfaces with minimal effort.

  • Less coding time makes it more reasonable

If you Hire an on-demand app developer who uses the Flutter framework then your hired development team will take less time to code the app as it works across a number of platforms. This implies that there is often a cost saving on the development costs, so we can say, less coding time often means a more reasonable mobile application

  • Applications can be built quickly

The Hot Reload feature of Flutter will automatically save any changes done in coding. This feature reflects the current updates in the mobile application so that you can complete the project in real-time and see your coded changes.

  • Flutter creates scalable applications

Flutter uses Google’s Firebase support, which implies that you can create serverless & scalable applications very quickly. This is ideal for companies who are planning to grow quickly & want to start building with s/w that they can scale with.

Role of Flutter developers.

Here are some roles & responsibilities of a Flutter app developer:

  • Take part in the mobile application development, management, & maintenance
  • Reviewing & ensuring that the written code is completely clean & concise
  • Identifying & resolving any errors in written code
  • Explore the latest technologies and libraries of the Flutter framework

Qualification of Flutter app developers.

There are 3 kinds of Flutter app developers. They are as follows:

Junior-level Flutter app developers

Most junior app developers know just one or two programming languages, especially when they enter their development careers. The result, if you are willing to hire a fresher Flutter developer with almost no or one year of experience, then you have to be patient, as they may not know the framework completely.

Mid-level Flutter application developers

These developers usually have around 2-4 years of experience. But yes, they have that much potential and experience that they can work independently on small projects.

Senior-level Flutter app developers

Senior-level Flutter application developers usually have a minimum of 4 years of experience. Though they come up with a good year of experience they charge notably more than junior-level and mid-level application developers.

Hard and Soft Skills needed for Flutter app Developers

Application developers are required to have 2 skill sets — hard & soft ones. Hard skills stand for experience & technical knowledge. As for soft skills, they permit application developers to be competent in the workplace. There are so-called ‘interpersonal skills.’

Hard skills of Flutter app developers:

  • Good knowledge of Git
  • Understanding of Computer Science
  • Understanding of SDLC
  • Strong knowledge of different architectural approaches
  • Experience with GoF patterns
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Strong knowledge of networking
  • Experience in PL for mobile development — Kotlin or Swift
  • Knowledge of Dart programming language,
  • Understanding of the Flutter framework
  • Experience in both Android and iOS mobile development services

Soft skills of Flutter application developers for hire:

  • Problem-solving:

During the development process, every software engineer faces problems. So, it is crucial for a good application developer to look at the issues objectively & solve them effectively.

  • Creativity:

Application developers are required to look at things from a different perspective & come up with new unobvious solutions.

  • Teamwork:

Flutter app developers work on projects with a bunch of other specialists such as project managers, designers, & QA specialists.

  • Communication skills:

Flutter developers work as a team, so they need to communicate with each other very effectively. During the development, software developers of a reliable software development company brainstorm new ideas & discover the best solutions.

Number of engagement models to hire the best Flutter app development team.

You can hire flutter developers from a dedicated remote team, freelancer developers, or an in-house team, depending on the project's needs.

In-house development teams

Considering an in-house mobile app developer would be worthwhile, especially, if you wish to begin your app development firm or are preparing yourself to launch a big project that needs frequent upgrades & full-time maintenance, post-application development.


If your project is not so large and relatively small & you are expecting to complete it within a limited time period, hire a Flutter developer from the freelancer's team.

Outsourced remote teams

After the pandemic, most companies have shifted to outsourcing a remote team instead of hiring a developer from another model and after getting good results they continue to connect with outsourced remote teams in the future too. The concept of a remote team works great for all sizes of industries.

How to hire flutter application developers?

Flutter app developers are rare compared to other mobile app developers, and the demand for Flutter among businesses is continuously growing. Small & midsize industries can find it especially difficult to find a skilled and experienced Flutter developer from Flutter agency 2023 because larger organizations or tech-first companies hunt for them. Let us discuss the important steps to be followed while hiring flutter developers for your business.

Steps to be followed while hiring Flutter Developers

Finalize your engaging model

The first and most important step is to finalize your hiring model as per your business needs. It is crucial to decide on what basis you want to hire a Flutter app developer for your project from the above ones – hire an outsource, in-house team, or hire freelancers.

Search for the right candidate

Only finalizing won’t sort the issues, this is merely the first step you pass on. Now, it is time to find the right candidate for your project. To hire that right person, you can search on different online platforms as per your hiring model, ask your friends & colleagues, attend different webinars, & much more.


Once you’ll get the different resumes of the number of candidates, screen that and shortlist only resumes that match your project idea or the different criteria that you're looking for. Jot down the name of the perfect candidates on that basis.


Now take interviews of listed programmers. While taking the interview, try to check on the technical and soft skills of the application developers.

Check Reviews

After the interview, don’t forget to check out the reviews of the hired flutter app developer or flutter app development agency. That process will help you to know the working style of the developers and also will help you to choose the right developers and avoid future conflicts.

Sign Contract

Once you have made a decision, sign contracts with application developers that should include the time duration & confidentiality of the project. Signing a contract assists you to save your details & other important details on a legal basis. Along with this, mentioning timing & bond period will assist in business continuity.

What steps you should take to hire Flutter experts in 2023?

Flutter is gaining popularity owing to its platform-agnostic nature as well as flexibility. You can scale the Flutter to meet newer application requirements. Hiring a well-trained flutter app development team can help accomplish the application’s goals.

Hiring the software development team can accelerate development, increase UX and increase the productivity of your in-house team. Choosing the right development team can be pivotal to the application’s success.

We discussed the steps to follow to choose the right developers and flutter app development company. Best Remote Team partners such as Ionicfirebase with you to automate recruitment processes and source the ideal candidates for your team’s requirements. We have the keen eye as well as observation power to provide you with a suitable dedicated flutter development team for your business. Feel free to connect with our support team and book an appointment with our development team.

Top 5 Flutter App Development Companies

1. Ionicfirebase: Ionicfirebaseapp is the innovative marketplace for Mobile apps, Web apps, Backend, Hybrid apps, IOT development, and Desktop Development on the market leading and trending technologies and tools. We are technologies agnostics and have expertise with JavaScript. We design and develop all of our products with JavaScript the latest framework and libraries. Cloud infrastructure is also very close to our hearts as we like this utmost.

We have been providing the solution for real-time using the latest technologies like (Node JS, Ionic, Firebase, JavaScript, IOT, AngularJS, and more.)

2. Getwidget: GetWidget is a flutter UI framework that reduces your overall app development time to a minimum of 40% because of its pre-build clean UI widget component that you can use in flutter app development. We have spent more than 3000+ hours building this UI Kit library to make flutter developer's life easy. All our widget code is compatible with web apps or even you can use it in building desktop flutter app development.

3. VentureDive: VentureDive is a full-service software development & product design partner. We specialize in mobile app development, web development, cloud, product design, and data & analytics. Whether your goal is to build a new digital product from scratch, improve an existing product, or scale your IT teams, we offer services to help you achieve & exceed your growth goals.

4. CMARIX TechnoLabs: CMARIX is a leading technology outsourcing company with expertise in Website, Enterprise Software & Mobile Application Development. With a team of 120+ in-house experts, CMARIX is working with clients across 46 countries globally and has tailored 1100+ Web & 290+ Mobile applications across different business domains.

5. MindInventory: MindInventory has been dealing with Enterprises, Startups, and Agencies since 2011 providing services in terms of Enterprise Web Development, Startup Consulting, Mobility Solutions, and UI/UX Consulting. MindInventory carries a combined experience of 100+ years with a team size of 200+ Employees that are working from our Head Quarters based out of Ahmedabad, India.