Is Flutter Worth Learning? Top 7 Reasons to Learn Flutter

Is Flutter Worth Learning? Top 7 Reasons to Learn Flutter

In Today’s growing world, the use of smartphones has been increasing rapidly all over and so the use of the mobile applications and websites. As the world is running with updated and advanced technology it is important for any individual to learn any of the fast moving framework in order to be in the rat race across the globe. There are many open source frameworks to choose from, but there is one that is fast moving and winning the internet, that is Flutter Framework.

We will further discuss the importance, pros and cons of Flutter in the coming part of this article.

What is Flutter

First and foremost, Let us see the brief description of our Hero of this article Flutter. Flutter is a open source framework from Google to develop cross-platform applications for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web from a single codebase.

As mentioned, it is fast moving with the type of codebase used in it. As it supports both iOS and Android platforms that is the most important operating systems that are running in the current generation. Because of this, flutter makes a best choice in developing the applications.

Flutter framework has high customized widgets/components that can be used to make or build any application with ease and saves the development time. It has all the necessary widgets to build any applications and the supports animations too. All these points make Flutter stand out in the market.

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The Pros of Flutter.

As Flutter has many advantages to be used, Let us see them in the below section.

  1. Easy to learn and Use.
  2. Cross Platform Support.
  3. Supports Hot Reload.
  4. Has huge widgets library.
  5. Time saving.
  6. Cost saving.
  7. Supports VS Code.
  8. Supports Numerous Plugins.

The Cons of Flutter.

  1. No hot reload in web.
  2. Not suitable for static websites.

Flutter for iOS and Android

As mentioned earlier, Flutter supports both iOS and android operating systems through its single codebase. Instead of using different frameworks for two different OS, Flutter provides one code that can be used to build both OS which makes the development easy and fast and hence time consuming is less when compared to using two frameworks.

To install flutter on your system, go through the official flutter website here Flutter.

Flutter for Web and Desktop

As we know Flutter supports multi-platforms through its single codebase structure. But is Flutter ideal for web and desktop? The answer to this question is, to some extent flutter can be used in developing websites and not all web pages make sense with flutter framework. As of now, Flutter is not suitable for static websites just like blog articles or content articles as Flutter has rich UI library components that can used to have inter-active components across the applications.

How to learn Flutter

Flutter is a self readable framework as it has rich documentation for each and every aspects covered in them. It should not be a problem for any beginner who is digging the basics of Flutter through their official documentation. The one who is experienced in other programming language can understand flutter with much ease. We can learn Flutter through:

  1. Watching Videos on Flutter.
  2. Through official documentation.
  3. By taking Online Course.
  4. Browsing Flutter Examples.

7 Reasons Why Flutter is Worth Learning

As we covered the advantages of Flutter over other frameworks in the above sections, we will see the reasons to why Flutter is worth learning in today’s life.

  1. Easy to Learn.
  2. Supports Multiplatform through single codebase.
  3. Time Management.
  4. Rich Documentation.
  5. Demand for Flutter Developers.
  6. Supports Majority Plugins.
  7. Strong community of Developers.


Flutter was introduced in 2017 by Google, and since from then it has made a remarkable place for itself in the market through its single codebase structure and is fast moving in the market. Seeing all the growth and time effectiveness of Flutter, it is a great choice in building the apps using this Framework that will flourish more effectively in the coming years. So choosing this as your framework for your application is a worth in coming years.

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