GFAvatar - A Specific image/icon to represent a person or object.

A flutter avatar widget used to display the user's profile image in different shapes.

GFAvatar - A Specific image/icon to represent a person or object.

What is Flutter Avatar Widget?

Avatar is a component that has been used to show the user image or icon in specific sizes and shapes. It is basically used to show the user profile image in circular shape. Generally Avatar is an Image and that image should have a specific shape. In case Avatar does not have image icon then it typically has user initial with text. GFAvatar is a GetWidget UI Library widget component that has the rich options for Avatars. GFAvatars can be used alone or inside other component as per your requirement. The position, size, border radius etc can be easily customized by applying the properties.

Where to use Flutter Avatar Widget?

Any application does have an requirement to sign up/sign in feature we do required an Avatar. In the real time applications now days there are multiple images used to show the user's profile image, buyer's image, seller's image etc in specific shapes & sizes else used an initial of user's profile name. For example we can take any social or companies communication channel app where we need to show the users profile images throughout the application. So GFAvatar comes here with a set of shapes & sizes of Avatars.

GFAvatar has different types of Avatars :

Circular Avatar : Flutter Circle Avatar is most commonly used for applications. It typically represent an image in circular shape or user's initial if image is not used. The real time app examples are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others.

Circular Avatar

Standard Avatar : Flutter Standard Widget is commonly used for Dev forum community or public forum community. In this an image has to represent a person image in slightly cornered shape.

Standard Avatar

Square Avatar : An image to represent a person in square shape.

Square Avatar

How to Start:

Getting started will guide you how to start building a beautiful flutter application with GetWidget UI library. You have to install the package from, import the package in your Flutter project.

Install Package from :

Import full package:

import 'package:getwidget/getwidget.dart';

Note: dependencies: getwidget: ^1.0.4

Keep playing with the pre-built UI components.

Example to add a circular avatar image with property :

import 'package:getwidget/getwidget.dart';

GF Avatar- A Flutter circular Avatar widget

Example to add a standard avatar image with property :

"shape: GFAvatarShape.standard"

import 'package:getwidget/getwidget.dart';

  shape: GFAvatarShape.standard
GF Avatar- A Flutter standard Avatar widget

Example to add a square avatar image with property :

"shape: GFAvatarShape.square"

import 'package:getwidget/getwidget.dart';

  shape: GFAvatarShape.square
GF Avatar- A Flutter square Avatar widget

About Our team:

We have been working on Flutter since Flutter launched in beta version in 2017. And our team have been putting hundred and hundreds of hour to experiment and implementation of Flutter. As well as after successful delivery of enterprise and SAAS applications that been using by more than 500+ business around the 119+ countries. Now we are in love with Flutter development and we are very passionate about Flutter development. Now it is something we are trying to give a small contribution to the Flutter Dev Community.

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GFAvatar - A Flutter avatar widget

We have a separate team who are working on your feedback. There are many ways through which we are interacting with users, developers & take their suggestions as it is very important to walk along with developers because they are the one who uses GetWidget library & our perspective is to make the development process easiest & simplest for them. We have been trying to provide the best UI Library Flutter Dev Community that helps them to built an awesome app and save their development time.

So let's connect together and build your idea into a real time app with GetWidget UI Library. Now you could start with our documentation from how to getting start and go with each component.


Q. What are flutter circle avatar example?

Ans. There are more option for circle avatar, but few are most popular are Google Ads,  Alibaba, New York Times,, and others.

Q. What should be flutter circle avatar size?

Ans. There is not specific size has been fix for circle avatar, it depends on your requirements and application design. Based on your Flutter app design you have can decide the sizes and shape of Flutter Circle Avatar.

Q. Could we set flutter circle avatar border?

Ans. Yes, You can use border inf Flutter circle avatar in you application. It might give a nice representation of your user's profile image. Avatar border is mainly used when your application has a requirement of different level for users based on their users. e.g. if you would like to setup a users mode like initial, intermediate or expert then you can provide Avatar border with different color variant to represent users' profiles

Q. What Should be flutter circle avatar width?

Ans. There is not a specific width size has been declared for a circular avatar. It depends on your application design and your requirements. e.g If you can check Facebook has a different size of their users profile avatar and Twitter has a different avatar.

Q. Could we use flutter avatar card with Circular Avatar?

Ans. Yes, We can use Flutter avatar card with circle avatar in Flutter App. It will give a nice representation for users with an additional and specific details.

Q. Could we use flutter circle avatar elevation?

Ans. Yes, we can use circle avatar elevation in Flutter application. You might use through material or card packages.



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