How To Customise Flutter Image Widget with example Code

You can customize Network images or assets with Circular, Overlay image custom properties with step-by-step example code.

How To Customise Flutter Image Widget with example Code

Flutter Image is generally a simple component that represents a thing or a group of things pictorially or which simply boosts the message or the text with a pictorial example to make the user understand better through the images that are displayed along with the paragraphs or the blog of data.

How to use Image in Flutter with GFimage

GFImages is a Flutter Images that also represents the data with its specific pictorial representation in a very different and more convenient way. It uses the assets folder to take the static images and to display them on the app or it even takes network images through the network image property and it also takes a special property called Image Overlay ie, Image Overlay set its picture as the background and any form of paragraph or text in its foreground and thus an overlay of any kind of colors can be applied to it which gives a blurry effect on the picture.

How to Get Started

Now here is the guide about how we should start developing Flutter Image Widget while using GetWidget UI Library.

Getting started will guide you on how to start building a beautiful flutter application with the GetWidget UI library. You have to install the package from, import the package in your Flutter project.

Install Package from :

Import full package:

import 'package:getwidget/getwidget.dart';

Note: dependencies: getwidget: ^2.0.4

Keep playing with the pre-built UI components.

GetWidget Images is basically used to display the profile pictures of the users and to make it easy it has other types that can be used. In the below section we will see them with the example codes.

Flutter Image using assetImage or Network Image

The Flutter basic Image is a simple image with a specific height and width property. It is widely used to show a banner image or to represent a product image etc.

The below shows how the image can be used with Example Code.

import 'package:getwidget/getwidget.dart';

  height: 200,
  width: 300,
  image: AssetImage('your asset image')
Flutter image used with Asset or network image example code

Flutter Circular Image using assetImage or network Image

A  Flutter Circular Image is a rounded image that is mostly used as a profile picture or to show the profile of any kind of product, organization, or brand image to the users.

The below shows how the image can be used in the code structure.

import 'package:getwidget/getwidget.dart';
   height: 200,
   width: 200,
   image:AssetImage('your asset image')
Flutter Circular image with asset or network example 
How to Design Flutter Circle Avatar Image With example Code
A flutter avatar widget used to display the user’s profile image in different shapes.

Flutter Image Overlay with colorFilter

An Image Overlay is used to set the images in the background and the text in the foreground and to give a blurry effect with the colorfilter property.

The below code shows how a blurry effect can be achieved to the images.

import 'package:getwidget/getwidget.dart';
   height: 200,
   width: 300,
   child: Center(
      child: Text('Light Overlay', style:TextStyle(color:getGFColor(GFColor.white))
   colorFilter: new ColorFilter.mode(,
   image: AssetImage('your asset image')
Flutter Overlay image with Example code snippet

GF Flutter Image Custom Properties

The custom properties of GFImage are given below to customize the look and feel of the image.

heightdefines the height of the image
widthdefines the width of the image
colordefines the background color of the image
marginimage's outer container margin
paddingimage's outer container padding
alignmentto align the child within the image
boxFithow to image should be inscribed into the box
borderRadiusthe corners of the image
borderthe border above the image

Can we use network image in image overlay?

Yes, we can use any kind of image whether an asset image or a network image.

Can we use the circular image as an avatar image?

Yes, we can use the circular image as an avatar image by adjusting the height and width of the image.

Flutter Get Widget Docs

Flutter GetWidget Docs
Get Widget is one of the largest Flutter open-source UI Kit libraries for mobile or web apps. It has more than 1000+ pre-built reusable widgets.

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Most popular and easy to use open source UI library with 1000+ Widgets to build flutter app. - GitHub - ionicfirebaseapp/getwidget: Most popular and easy to use open source UI library with 1000+ W...


Here we discuss, what Flutter Image Widget is? And how we can use and implement it into our Flutter app through the GetWidget Image component. Here, there are options to customize the Image Widget.

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